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Business Start-up Support

Starting a new business is a minefield of powerful emotions. It is exciting, exhilarating and can be extremely satisfying, if things go well. It can also be daunting, frustrating, stressful, and scary, especially if you have not given your business the right foundation.

Jumping headfirst into starting your business without having a proper foundation can be catastrophic even if you are the Usain Bolt of your subject matter! With so much regulation, economic factors, competition, and hidden expenses to consider, if there is not a comprehensive plan behind your aspirations your business could either fail to take off or stagnate very soon after opening.

This is where Razor Consulting business start-up support packages come in. Not only can we assist with all aspects of forming your new business, but we will also help you to cover all the bases to ensure your business has the right basis to begin trading, bring on customers, take on staff, grow and keep on growing once you have opened your doors to new business.

Via our new business support package, we provide you with comprehensive information and guidance to provide you with everything you need to form, register, and start trading as a legally compliant UK Company meaning you will not come unstuck later, all without the extortionate consultancy fees at a time where being efficient with money is so important. Our approach is to give you the information and afford you the time and space to go off and 'DIY' starting your business rather than forcing you to incur additional costs by us doing it for you.

Like many other consultancies, we do not just disappear. Our support package comes with telephone support hours so not only are you equipped with all the knowledge that you need to set up your company independently, but you are also given peace of mind that there is an experienced professional 'on-call' to help should you need it.

Our business start-up packages are tailored to your business, the industry it operates in and your specific needs and aspirations. However, it is important to understand that there is a lot of generic business information you must know such as how to form your company and the differences between various forms of business entities (such as limited companies, limited liability partnerships, sole traders and partnerships). This is not the most exciting part of starting a business however these are the things you need to get right. Our support package brings a wealth of information from a range of locations into easy to interpret guides meaning you do not have to tear your hair out looking all over the place for the right advice.

In summary the Razor Business Start-up Package covers the following:

  • Company registration at Companies House

  • Relevant insurances (for your sector)

  • Advice on mandatory and relevant policies - both internal and external (tailored to your sector)

  • Contracts

  • GDPR responsibilities

  • Registration for HMRC taxes

  • Licenses required

  • Intellectual Property

  • Trade marking

  • 'Go to Market' strategies


Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our business support packages which are tailored made to your business and cover all the aspects of starting and running your business all at a fixed price with no hidden fees.


Aside from the business support packages we also offer specific services which can be delivered as a bolt-on to the support package or as a standalone service.


  • We write business plans and pitch decks for government start up loans, attracting investors, presenting to potential landlords or even just to help you as a practical guide to getting your business off the ground. Find out more here.

  • Commercial Lease reviews. We will review your lease and liaise/negotiate with the landlords’ solicitors or agents as required ensuring you are able to concentrate on your business. Find out more here.

  • Business Acquisition support. We carry out due diligence on your behalf for prospective business purchases and negotiate where required to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Find out more here.

  • We can help you to research the market, identify your target market, comprehensively review your competition and provide SWOT analysis on your own business to help you compare your strengths and weaknesses with other players in your field. Find out more here.

  • Recruitment and Selection Services. We can find you permanent or temporary workers all ensuring only quality candidates who fit your business ethos and aspirations are selected. Find out more here.

  • We can also help you with your logo - whether it's creating a new logo or a refresh of your existing one our talented graphic designers can help you. Find out more here.

  • Outsourced HR Department Services. Find out more here.

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