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Sarah Hira


Director & Founder

SerenitySens Ltd

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I needed a significant amount of help with my business and wasn't sure where to turn. I had spoken to other consultancies but none of them seemed to care about my company or what I was trying to do. I then spoke with the team at Razor and was so impressed. Their advice and knowledge of what to do next would have been enough but they actually listened, and cared about, what I wanted to achieve. I didn't hesitate when it came to working with them. Since then, I have worked with the whole team at Razor and I honestly can't fault them. They helped me through writing the business plan and registering my company to building my website, designing the logo and leaflets and creating a marketing strategy. They have been helpful and informative throughout the whole process and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They are still supporting me through my business journey and I am so grateful for their knowledge and constant encouragement.

If we have done work for you in the past and you would like the opportunity to leave us feedback, please visit our Customer Feedback page here.


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