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About Razor

Razor Global Solutions is a management consultancy like no other. We exist to help motivated, reputable firms make the most of the tools available to them by identifying opportunities for change and improvement. Our primary aim is to work with our clients and customers to improve efficiencies, drive growth, increase revenues and ensure expenditure fits within the limits of revenues. 

We achieve this by empowering people. People are at the heart of every company's successes and failures. By working to understand the individuals, equipping them with the tools, knowledge and understanding of legislation, standards and processes we can ensure people succeed, eliminating failures and maximising outputs. This positively impacts on company performance. The importance of people is not forgotten in any of the strategies we propose, making our initiatives and deliverables not only applicable but accessible, practicable and suitable for immediate application and integration by individuals and the company as a whole.

We focus on a common sense based approach rather than established strategies which do not suit every company or fail to recognise the attributes and adverse factors that a company has.  

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