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Recruitment & Selection

Hiring the right people can contribute to the overall growth of your company and can also lessen the need for you to hire more employees. Remember, great employees are an investment that will pay off in the future. They will align their goals with the organisation’s and understand that their success directly correlates to the organisations. Employees can either positively or negatively induce their workmates. The right employee will create a long-lasting impact on not only your organisation but the people around them. Razor Global Solutions strives to find the right people who will positively impact, motivate, and work with other employees. Hiring the right employee will create synergy and will lead to the growth and productivity of your organisation.

Razor are REC registered recruiters and have over 20 years of experience in the industry covering all aspects of recruitment and selection with a particular focus placed on ensuring legally compliant job advertisements, interview processes and employee contract drafting.

Our experienced recruitment team has worked with clients from many industries, ranging from construction to hospitality. We understand how important the support of a good team is and we’re here to help you build one.


We offer start to finish recruitment and selection services that help you to build and grow your team. Whether you require assistance with finding and attracting candidates, reference checking or making an offer, our recruitment and selection team are here to help.


Finding, recruiting and retaining employees is one of the most important things you can do in business and if you get it right, your organisation will flourish. 


When to get recruitment advice?

There’s never a bad time to invest in recruitment and selection services for your business. It can help to save you time, money and stress when it comes to finding the right candidates. There are also key signs that indicate you may need a helping hand with your recruitment process. This includes the following:

  • You have a high staff attrition rate

  • You aren't receiving many applications for a job you have advertised

  • Applicant CVs do not match the role requirements

  • Your recruitment costs are too high


There are rules and regulations you must follow relating to the recruitment and selection process. This means you may need to get additional advice to ensure your recruitment procedures are fully compliant.

Fortunately, our recruitment and selection services can help you to remedy all of the above problems and more.

Our recruitment and selection services

We can provide end to end support for the recruitment and selection process.

Recruitment and selection policies

Our team can help you to create and implement a recruitment and selection policy that is fully compliant.


Poor recruitment practices can leave you open to discrimination lawsuits, as well as Government penalties. This means it’s vitally important to get your policies right the first time

Streamline your recruitment and selection process

We’ll start by finding out exactly what you want to achieve as a business and what kind of people you need to get there. After that, we can help you with:

  • CV services

  • Interview coaching

  • Preparation of job description and specification

  • Producing vacancy advertisements

  • Advice and development of selection processes

  • Assisting with or conducting interviews

  • DBS checks

  • Preparation of all correspondence to candidates

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