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Razor Global Solutions can assist with all aspects of forming a new business. We provide you with comprehensive information and guidance to provide you with everything you need to form, register and start trading as a legally compliant UK Company.

We can assist in all areas of forming your business from business plans, market research, feasibility studies as well as on-going consultancy support.

After speaking with our clients, a common misconception is that people think you only need a business plan when you’re starting a business from scratch. That isn’t the case. Whether you’re applying for a government start-up loan, need an investor-ready business plan, constructing business cases or applying for a bank loan our business plans can be customised to suit you.

Guidance is also included on:


  • Company registration at Companies House

  • Relevant insurances (for your sector)

  • Advice on mandatory and relevant policies - both internal and external

  • Contracts

  • GDPR responsibilities

  • Registration for HMRC taxes

  • Licenses required

  • Intellectual Property

  • Trade marking

  • 'Go to Market' strategies

  • Website design

  • Logo creation and design