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Commercial Drafting

Whatever the commercial documentation, agreement or contract your business needs, our lawyers ensure certainty that our advice is always precise, resilient, and affordable and the legal documentation will assist protect you and your business.

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

Arguably the most important document your business needs. Razor Global Solutions provide professionally drafted terms and conditions designed to meet your needs and ensure that both parties in any transaction are fully aware of their rights and obligations thus help to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Data Protection Documentation

Complying with the GDPR may feel a little daunting, but Razor Global Solutions bring a methodical and practical approach to handling the GDPR and with our application and assistance all concerns will allay. It is important to understand what your business needs to do, and then to put in place the requisite procedures and practices supported by up-to-date policies and agreements.


Websites represent an important part of every business and take many different forms. Some only present information, while others gather it; some advertise, and some sell. Razor Global Solutions advise on the best fit terms and conditions for your website which also include up-to-date references to the latest legislation such as the GDPR.

IT and Software

IT and software play a key role in business and having robust legal document will assist your business in both the acquisition and creation of software. Razor Global Solutions can advise those entering into a business relationship with a software provider, or in the alternative we can draft such agreements for the software companies.


For Franchisors:

When you run a business that delivers quality, you can’t afford to drop the ball, and your franchise network needs to run like clockwork. We understand that not only is it crucial that you have the right franchisees in your network, but you need robust franchise agreements in place, and strategic commercial support from your legal team.

Whether you already have an established franchise network, or you’re in the early stages of this growth strategy, our specialist team will provide the expert advice you need for a happy and prosperous franchise network.

Services include:

  • drafting and reviewing franchise agreements, deposit agreements and confidentiality agreements;

  • intellectual property and brand protection strategic advice;

  • acting on franchise re-sales;

  • reviewing business plans

  • resolving complex franchise disputes with franchisees;

  • employment law issues associated with the franchise;

  • considering and advising on all property related matters arising from and connected with franchising; and

  • all other legal issues that may be associated with franchising

For Franchisees:

Are you about to take on a franchise, or perhaps you already run a franchise but need specialist legal help with your agreement?

Taking on the running of a business means both a financial and emotional investment so having the right legal support is crucial. Whether it’s getting your franchise agreements right, support through the buying process or commercial advice on the running of your franchise, our in house specialist can help get you and your franchise to where you want to be.

Services include:

  • franchise agreement reviews;

  • assistance with renewals;

  • franchise purchases and sales;

  • property and employment advice; and

  • disputes with your franchisor – we can advise on your legal position and options

Fixed Fee Franchise Agreement Reviews:

If you are taking a franchise, we can review your franchise agreement (typically 40-60 pages long) and produce for you a comprehensive, written report on a competitive, fixed fee basis. Our report will advise on the key aspects of the franchise agreement and appraise you of any particularly onerous or unusual provisions.

The majority of franchise agreements are non-negotiable; however, we see our role as ensuring you fully understand the financial and personal obligations you are signing up to. If any negotiations with the franchisor are required, we can assist with these on your behalf for an additional charge. We have experience advising prospective franchisees in a wide variety of business sectors.

Our Expertise

Razor Global Solutions provides sound commercial advice as well as drafting of legal agreements, polices and documents to meet your immediate and on-going business needs. We can assist, negotiate, and draft agreement terms with everyone connected to your business from co-founders, investors and employees to suppliers and customers.

We have helped start-up and established companies with various aspects of their business from designing their logo and creating their business plan to comprehensive HR support and drafting simple to complex agreements. We can help you with whatever goals you may have, working closely with you while still ensuring you have the time to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. We can help you grow your business safe in the knowledge that your business is protected. Our teams' knowledge and experience makes Razor the best placed consultancy to help you and your business.

Get in Touch

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