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Building your commercial expertise is essential to building your business.  We can provide training, guidance and define processes to increase profits, efficiencies and broaden your customer base.  Allow us to help you to correctly represent your company's products, services and capabilities to customers and clients within bids, proposals and external literature. 

Our legal and commercial experts have experience in both the private and public sector and provide common sense solutions to your complex problems.  We can assist where there is rapid growth, the need to drive efficiencies or simply improve success rates.  Our team will be picked to best suit your needs and come with guaranteed knowledge and proven capabilities. We are also able to help with everyday and complex contracting situations, including drafting and review of your standard terms, or through providing the necessary training to give you the capabilities to do so inhouse. Our contracting experts have reviewed and negotiated contacts across many jurisdictions, and for a wide range of projects, including innovation and multi-party ventures. Legal qualifications are coupled with commercial awareness to provide robust processes which are solution based and directly applicable to you.  We know that there are times when expert knowledge is needed to help you manage disputes and find resolutions.  We can assist you in this, and also review and carry out analysis to prevent future exposure. 

Razor global solutions can provide you with the tools to continuously improve and build on the guidance we provide. All of our packages are bespoke to your company and designed for your sector, assisting you to build robust contracting models, template documents, and management processes. These can be provided  in conjunction with other services, or as standalone solutions, at the correct level for your people and their roles. Through involving your people in the change process we see immediate and sustained results  Topic areas  include: 

  • Bid Writing and Process 

  • Supply chain Management 

  • Contract negotiation and Key terms (including research and trial Agreements) 

  • Intellectual Property Management  

  • Contract Management 

  • Risk review and mitigation 

All our packages include a free review service, during which we provide updates on current trends and legislative changes affecting your business. We are committed to our work with you and will use this time to ensure that Razor Global solutions continues to support and increase your businesses success.