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Training can often swallow a huge proportion of an organisations yearly budget however its often very difficult to ascertain whether this is money well spent. An employee may have done the course, got the certificate/qualification but what have they actually learnt? How can this learning be applied to their everyday job? Is it benefiting the company and helping them to achieve the organisational goals? More often than not those 3 questions cannot be answered positively if at all.

No two companies are the same. At Razor, we don’t just offer generic off the shelf industry recognised training, hop along to your organisations offices, drink your coffee, operate death by PowerPoint and charge you an absolute fortune for arming your people with skills they can't apply. We get to know your company and its people, your overall goals/aspirations, then tailor training to suit you. We ensure the training is transferable to roles people actually undertake and can be applied to everyday duties. 

Razor prides ourselves on delivering, in person, bespoke, sector specific training solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your company. Our flexible approach ensures sessions are tailored to best suit the knowledge, skills and aims of your people, allowing your company to get the maximum advantage whilst ensuring costs do not exceed budgets


We can offer training and workshops to cover the following areas:

  • Project Management

  • Contract and Commercial Awareness

  • Contract Management and Law (including negotiation and drafting)

  • Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Bid Writing and Process

  • Fraud Awareness and Money Laundering

  • Procurement Process and Restrictions


Please note that this list is not exhaustive.  We can create the courses and workshops tailored to your requirements.

Razor can discuss your requirements today. We can develop a training catalogue covering a whole range of bespoke individually tailored training courses and supply your workforce development specialists via 'train the trainer' as part of an overall package.

Alternatively we can develop and deliver courses directly to your employees which cover the areas that are important to your company.

Included within any package is a follow up service where we can review the training material as required to ensure the content remains up to date in line with changing standards and legislation.

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