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Razor offers tailored fraud solutions. These consider all aspects of your organisation from on boarding of staff through to fraud prevention and investigation. 


Fraud happens, it's a fact. An astonishing amount of fraud is committed in house and is often only identifiable from unexpected sources with a wide variety of reasons contributing to the root cause. 


It's incredibly hard to;

  1. Identify fraudulent activity

  2. Determine the source


Razor are experienced in both elements with our consultants holding over 20 years of fraud investigation experience within some of the world's top financial institutions.


We can:

  • Provide comprehensive Fraud Prevention training to help your people to identify the subtle indicators of fraud that would otherwise be dismissed.

  • Carry out gap analysis on your current processes or work with you to develop processes that work, incorporating advice from our commerce, compliance and project management teams.

  • We can advise you on how to close outstanding audit actions, review and react to any previous adverse events and move forward confidently with mitigation steps in place.

  • We offer discreet investigations where fraud is suspected.

  • Carry out additional due diligence if you are considering seeking partnerships and or contracts.


Training and guidance sessions are also tailored by us for you. This can be larger group sessions, or more in-depth, created for specific role or sectors. Contents can be extended to include professional negligence and cases of misrepresentation. These sessions can be incorporated with contract and commercial awareness training to provide the essential skills needed to progress your business aims. Training of staff is vital, it is incredible how many actions that ‘honest, ordinary’ people undertake that are either actually fraudulent in itself or leave an organisation open to fraudulent activity.


Areas covered may include:

  • Fraud and Compliance

  • Confidentiality

  • Contract and Commercial

  • Fraud specific topics covered may incorporate:

  • Checks on beneficiaries and employees

  • Receipts and statement reviews - looking for anomalies

  • Identify checks - how to identify fraudulent documents

  • Handwriting and signature analysis


If there are current concerns we can investigate and provide reports. These include recommendations, next steps and a full breakdown of information gathered.


We are committed to finding the right solution for you. Your success is our success. All our packages include a free review session upon completion of our services. We believe our solutions should be long term and sustainable. We are here to help you improve continually. These reviews are to ensure this has been achieved.

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