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Business Start-up

Starting your own business is exciting and Razor Global Solutions are on hand to ensure your experience is not dampened by legal matters.

Starting a business is difficult. There are several different aspects one needs to consider, such as:

  • Determining the structure of your business

  • Choosing insurance policies

  • Handling premises negotiations

  • Protecting your intellectual property

  • Complying with human resources’ best practices

Razor Global Solutions are here to help.

You probably feel that there are a million other more important things to start trading than dealing with legal documents, after all its much more exciting creating a website and the branding than reading and negotiating a contract. However, if you want to protect your investment in your business, then having the right agreements and legal documentation in place, early on, is essential.

Why do you need to start up legal documents and advice?

Simply put, to protect your business and reduce the risk of conflict arising. As we explain to all our clients, it is far better spending a few hundred pounds now and getting the correct legal advice and drafting, than having to spend thousands of pounds on a legal dispute that could have been avoided and which may end up damaging the reputation of your brand and end up in court.

In certain transactions, such as those between you, as a retailer, and a consumer, the consumer may have legal rights and as such you must be aware of them and ensure your legal documents (such as terms and conditions) comply with the law.

What legal documents will every start-up need?

The needs of each business are different. Razor Global Solutions offer a free consultation to all new start-up businesses so we can advise you on the correct legal document you will require.

The legal documents your business will use will depend on its legal structure and how your business interacts with suppliers, customers, lenders, borrowers, and other stakeholders. Examples include:

  • Agreements with suppliers and customers

  • Agreements between stakeholders (shareholder/partnership agreement)

  • Director’s service contract for each director.

  • Employment Contracts

  • Legal documents on your website

Intellectual Property Protection: Protecting data, ideas, know how & other intellectual property (note business often overlook protection of its intellectual property. IP is not just designing and ideas, it includes things like the website content, customer database. 

Please take a look at our Business Start-up Support page for more ways that we can support you.

Our Expertise

Razor Global Solutions provides sound commercial advice as well as drafting of legal agreements, polices and documents to meet your immediate and on-going business needs. We can assist, negotiate, and draft agreement terms with everyone connected to your business from co-founders, investors and employees to suppliers and customers.

We have helped start-up and established companies with various aspects of their business from designing their logo and creating their business plan to comprehensive HR support and drafting simple to complex agreements. We can help you with whatever goals you may have, working closely with you while still ensuring you have the time to focus on the day-to-day running of your business. We can help you grow your business safe in the knowledge that your business is protected. Our teams' knowledge and experience makes Razor the best placed consultancy to help you and your business.

Get in Touch

Visit our contact us page to speak to us today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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