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Policies & Documentation

HR policies and procedures give guidance on a range of employment issues for employees, managers and others with responsibility for people. They play an important role in practically and effectively implementing an organisation’s HR strategy. They also provide consistency and transparency for employees and managers, helping to enhance the psychological contract and create a positive organisational culture.


You need to make sure that your employees are protected when conducting your business activities. Insurance policies only cover you if you have in place correct policies and procedures so a vital aspect of running your business is the creation of HR policy documents. Having clear HR policies ensures your employees know what is expected of them, alerts them to any potential health & safety risks in the workplace and outlines what can happen if they don’t follow the rules.

These documents will make sure that your staff know their rights and that your business is complying with UK employment law.


We can draft your HR policies, processes and templates including:


  • Business Management System processes and flowcharts

  • Discipline and dismissal policies

  • Grievance policies

  • Health and Safety statement (or policy if over 5 employees)

  • Data Protection and Privacy Policy

  • Contract of employment

  • Employee handbook

  • Employee documentation including letters, forms and reports

  • Personnel systems and record keeping

  • Development of induction programme

  • Creating an appraisal process

  • Terms of Business

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