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Discreet Surveillance

Sometimes, the best way to get information is to watch and observe the situation, this can be very time consuming and an untrained eye has the potential to miss vital pieces of information.


Let Razor do the work for you.


Our specialist teams combine the highest level of training with innovative thought patterns in order to get to the truth of a situation, to help resolve your problem.

Evidence gathered legally through surveillance when required for legal proceeding, can be the difference between proving or disproving a case. Feet on the ground to report on the real time actions of a partner, family member, business partner, employee or claimant can act as unequivocal proof when it’s most needed.


Our surveillance specialists, from multi disciplined backgrounds, which helps to improve the level of service we can provide.

Despite there being several DIY observation gadgets available on the market in the majority of cases a surveillance team who provide a wholly unbiased body of evidence can be much more impactful in a court of law or civil claim. Our specialist team understands the parameters of ethics, UK law and how to present a case in both crown and magistrates court on your behalf.


Gaining evidence through surveillance to present in family or business situations gives you the ability to prove your case, and not relying on hearsay. 




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