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Relationship Investigations

Prove that your partner is cheating on you with our wide ranging specialist cheating investigations designed to suit every type of customer need.

When you begin to question an unfaithful partner, it’s usually the not knowing that is the most difficult part to deal with.


At Razor, our team of Relationship Investigators maintain 100% confidentiality throughout, in order to set your mind at ease when talking to us. We can help you by collating substantial evidence in order to address the problem. You will then have the information to decide what to do next.


Suspicions are typically aroused due to behavioural changes in a partner, and in many cases, it is unclear whether these changes are as innocent as they may first appear. The shocking statistics of infidelity can be alarming to anyone with trust issues. In the past, our team of investigators have found that a suspected unfaithful partner may merely have been planning a surprise for their other half, unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may be certain that your partner is being unfaithful, or keeping secrets from you, and it is simply a matter of proving this using our techniques. Only by having the facts and proof of their actions will you be able to resolve your concerns and even confront the issue if necessary.





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