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Insurance Claim Investigations

Razor’ team of experienced insurance investigators can help to investigate potentially suspect insurance claims with exceptional success.


Insurance Investigations assist where fraudulent insurance claims are a growing problem in the UK. It is estimated that as many as 10 percent of British adults have submitted a fraudulent claim at some point in their lives, and with increased court awards and injured parties becoming more aware of high compensation payouts, it looks likely that our claims culture will continue to grow.


At Razor, we have acted on behalf of many of the leading household insurance companies, and businesses to investigate any suspicious and potentially fraudulent claims. We offer a full range of insurance investigations with a 24-hour service, and present our findings in a comprehensive report that is admissible at a court or tribunal.


Although it may be clear that a fraudulent claim has been submitted, you need to obtain hard evidence before there is a refusal of a payout. Our team of dedicated insurance investigators has a range of skills and experience at carrying out discreet yet thorough investigations, involving a combination of surveillance and intelligence methods.


We use the latest camera and video technology, within the confines of UK law, to record the claimants, and all footage has the appropriate date and time stamps so it can be presented at a court or tribunal if necessary. If we find evidence that the claim is dishonest or fraudulent, we will provide the hard evidence, preventing a false payout and enabling the matter to be dealt with appropriately.


If requested, our experienced staff can also give their impartial and objective opinion on the merits of any specific case.

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