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Company Fraud Investigations

Feel like something is not quite right within your company?


Figures and statistics not adding up correctly?


It’s possible that someone somewhere within the company is doing something they shouldn’t be.


Let us investigate the situation for you.


Company Fraud In times of economic downturn and recession, and again through growth, is a crime that always increases, making it one of the major risks facing businesses today. All companies, from small enterprises with a handful of employees to large multinational corporations, are vulnerable to fraud in the workplace. In addition, technological advances mean those who may be tempted to commit fraud have a diverse set of tools at their disposal. A scary reality for many companies.


At Razor, we have a team of highly trained and skilled private investigators who are experienced in investigating and resolving a wide variety of fraud cases. It is only by discussing your individual concerns that we can assess where we may be able to assist. Razor will listen to your problem, and offer the best case advice to assist you in discovering the truth.

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