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Project Management

Razor is home to a collection of skilled and dynamic Project Managers with many years of experience spread across multiple industries.

We know from experience that certifications or degrees do not automatically guarantee a good project manager, we look at proven abilities and results. We believe that basic human skills such as effective communication, empowerment and empathy are far more important than what is written on a CV. Unlike other companies we do not put all of our emphasis on buzz words such as ‘Agile’ and ‘Scrum’ and instead prefer to manage with common sense and dynamism. We believe that through a proactive, pragmatic hands on approach any project's overall aim can be achieved and exceeded. By empowering each individual to utilise their key strengths, through coaching and mentorship, we lead to motivate and create a strong team ethic. Too often individuals can get weighed down by expectation, lack of support, training and leadership. It is important that each and every person knows the full scope of their role, any risks associated with the project and also have a view of how their own responsibilities feed into the wider aims of the project. This all comes from effective project management, leadership and control.

If each person in a project feels involved then collectively this makes for a motivated team. Motivated teams deliver successful projects. It is Razor's ethos to empower each person and give them the ability to utilise their full skill set and also have the confidence to ask for help.


Equally as important as people is time and resources. If there isn't the correct amount of these then no project can achieve. It is imperative that both of these are understood before a project commences and risk factors identified in order to mitigate further along the project lifecycle. We can assist you with both planning and management.


Razor can offer project management as either a singular staffing solution or as part of a wider consultancy package which can also include bespoke training as required.

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