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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

As I sit here 6 months on from turning down what, on paper, looked like a career opportunity that should not be squandered, I have an overwhelming sense of achievement and pride.

It’s been 6 months since Tamsin Dawe (Commercial Director) and I swapped the relative security of permanent employment for a venture into the unknown. We set up our own company and with that should have come apprehension, pressure and insecurity.

However, we have not felt any of those feelings and instead we can sit here today and be truly proud about what we have built in an incredibly small period of time.

Not only is the decision by Tamsin and I to collate our respective experience into a brand new venture paying dividends, we have given multiple people a new lease of life with our Razor Family. A new lease of life they wouldn’t have expected to have received 6 months ago.

It’s unfortunate I have to say that really, isn’t it? Every single person who is employed by a company has the right to feel respected, looked after and empowered. They deserve to know that their opinion matters and that their long-term aspirations will be supported.

Sadly, it’s just not the reality. We’ve witnessed it first-hand where an organisation forgets about their people and focuses too much on profit.

Too often companies will ‘train’ their staff and think that’s job done. However, what they forget is treatment of said staff… If you don’t treat them well alongside training them then you are just training them to leave.

I hate cliches, slogans and buzz words, but this little-known guy’s words actually make sense…

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to”

Sir Richard Branson

Several of the new additions to our Family have worked for organisations who either didn’t train, didn’t treat them well enough or both! This is something I will never understand but since starting our own company, Tamsin and I will continue to empower our Family to always strive for better, to increase their skills and knowledge and to be 100% motivated each and every day.

I can honestly say I am thrilled that so many people I’ve built up close connections with in the past few years have shown absolute faith in our vision and ‘jumped ship’ to help us in our journey.

In September, we welcomed Holly James and Jess Wilson and in October, we welcomed Charlotte Gibson, Megan Lewis and Bailey Gill, all filling exciting new roles within our fledgling organisation!

I’m hoping that, a few weeks in, they are feeling like they made the right decision!

We are planning on further additions to the Razor Family in the months ahead as well so watch this space.

Now regarding the next few months, we plan to go from strength to strength. We are taking chances, being brave and trusting in ourselves 100%. We are already building a huge database of satisfied customers who are not shy in their positive feedback and eager to promote our services to peers.

Our common sense based, straight to the point approach is working well and will continue to work well. We will continue to not hide behind corporate buzz words, industry jargon and psychoanalytical nonsense and just deliver straight talking, comprehensive and correct advice to all of our customers.

People before profit because happy people means profit.

Written By

Matt Hirst

Managing Director

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