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Christmas Blog

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, at Razor Global Solutions we have been thinking about all the amazing things we have achieved in 2021. In the past year our company was formed, we have recruited talented individuals into our Razor Family, and we gained an assortment of interesting clients.

2021 has been a difficult year for so many people, whether you own a business or not. We have had to deal with things that, as a generation, we never thought we would have to. We have learnt new ways to live and new ways to survive, but it has made us so much stronger.

For all of us at Razor, 2021 has been a life changing year. Many of us have come into a job that has given us hope. That not all offices, bosses and colleagues need to be strict, silent and boring! How given the opportunity to achieve, in an environment that gives you space to grow, has changed everyone’s outlook of what a successful business looks like.

This week we asked the question ‘What have you learnt in 2021 that you will take with you into 2022?’ and this is what we came back with.

Megan Lewis – Sales Administration Assistant

“One thing I’ve learnt this year that I’ll take into next year with me is, that not everything is instant. Sometimes you’ve got to work as hard as you can for the outcome you want and to not give up if things get a bit tough, but I will forever thank the Razor family for helping me understand this!”

Bailey Gill – Commercial Assistant

“In 2021 Razor has helped me find a new comfort zone - working in something I like doing, and something I'm good at, realising my true potential. The improvement of my social skills is something I will most definitely take into the new year.”

Ryan Metcalfe – Business Support Assistant

“One thing I have learned this year is that everybody makes mistakes, the key is to bounce back and move on from these mistakes and improve from them. I would like to thank Razor for giving me this opportunity to improve myself.”

Holly James – Digital Marketing Apprentice

“In 2021 I learned that you can’t control everything that happens to you, and that you need to be fine with that. My Razor family continue to remind me that it will be okay, and I will take this with me into 2022.”

Jess Wilson – Office Manager

“In 2021 and especially since joining the Razor Family, I have learnt that I can achieve different things in and out of my comfort zone. We have a really good team here at Razor, I'm really excited to work closely with them to build their skills as we move through 2022.”

2022 is going to be a great year for Razor Global Solutions and the Razor family, we are looking forward to what the year will bring and the success that we will have.

We hope you have a good Christmas and a happy New Year.

Written by,

Holly James,

Digital Marketer.

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