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Continuous Improvement

Change and Continuous Improvement is vital to all organisations success and growth.


At Razor, we understand this necessity, we also understand unnecessary roadblocks can be in place sometimes intentionally or just amassed over time without review of the efficiency or relevance. We work hard to understand an organisation's past performance, future aspirations and consider those when analysing the most appropriate way to recommend changes or improvements to aid efficiencies.


Change management works hand in hand with all aspects of the business. Changing one aspect will naturally affect multiple parts of an organisation so a comprehensive approach is always considered when reviewing opportunities for improvements.


In keeping with Razor's mantra we will get to know your company and operate on a common sense model rather than pulling the generic industry jargon out the bag. We talk a lot about the use of, or lack of common sense in organizations, processes, problem solving and managing people. When troubleshooting problems, common sense is usually the test to see if we solved it or not. Although there are some obvious principles to apply we do not apply a generic model. Your business is unique, it should have a bespoke approach. 


Your people have the biggest scope for communicating change however more often than not it's their voices who are not heard in the upper echelons. The power of problem solving is with the people, and not just any people, but those involved with the process in question. If you can speak to people, you can solve problems! Process owners, if empowered, can generate simple solutions that lead to cost and flowtime savings.


We will listen to everybody, take on board information given and make the most appropriate representations to the senior management. Our goal is always to:

  • Empower people, through inclusive consultation and feedback sessions.

  • Create efficiencies by removing roadblocks and rework

  • Ensure processes are fit for purpose

  • Offer several improvement solutions and also the risks attached.

  • Ensure said improvements are achievable and sustainable long term.

  • Provide long term assistance as standard through regular cyclic reviews (we do not just walk away)


If all of the above can be successfully implemented by us for you, there is no reason why any organisation cannot achieve its goals. The overall objective should always be to grow and be profitable and Razor will help you to do this.

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