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Bid & Tender Writing

Our team of professionals have decades of experience in writing bids and tenders for customers in countless industries with a success rate that backs up the experience claim!

We offer services in full bid and tender writing, bid and tender reviews, and also bid and tender mentorship so whatever your bidding requirement is we have a package to help you achieve success. 

Bid and Tender Writing
Our pricing is extremely competitive and is reflective of the work involved rather than setting an arbitrary fixed price without even seeing the ITT.
Every bid is different, every industry is different as well as the scope so we price per bid and provide a full breakdown of tasks and cost so you know how long it will take, what we need from you and when you’ll see first and final drafts.
You will get: a fully managed collaborative bid service, clarification management and management of submissions on your behalf. 


Bid and Tender Review
Our experts will review bids put together by your internal team and mark them as the buyer would. This allows us to critique the document and provide suggestions on how to improve the content to score higher and meet the requirements.
In turn this will allow you to eliminate mistakes and greatly improve the final response thus increasing chances of success.
You will get:  a second pairs of eyes, professional feedback, improvement identification allowing you to submit bids with confidence


Bid and Tender Mentorship
This is for customers who wants to train their internal team real time whilst working on a live bid. You can send over your bid section by section and we can advise on what and where to focus changes on. We are also on hand at any hour to provide remote support to key bid writing staff. 
You will get: consultancy on hand at all stages of your bid to support you and your team whenever needed with template case studies and example bids to push you along

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